Color Change Fluorite        

     Moldavite                                           Ametrine

Fixed Prices on All Gemstones!

Buying gemstones can be confusing and frustrating, especially at jewelry stores and trade shows. Our inventory is always clearly priced, labeled and available to handle and inspect up close without having to ask anyone to remove it from behind glass.    


We have over 2,000 stones in stock at each show.  Our typical

inventory covers just about anything one can imagine. Currently we are not posting online inventory but can respond to individual requests.  Visit us at a regional gem show near you!  


Diamond          Zircon                 Agate                

Emerald           Chrysoberyl        Labradorite      

Ruby                Orthoclase          Turquoise

Sapphire          Iolite                    Sillimanite

Alexandrite      Andalusite          Moissanite 

Garnet              Apatite               Spessartine

Opal                 Demantoid         Almandine

Tourmaline      Tsavorite            Color Change Garnet

Spinel               Spessartine        Diospore

Fluorite             Moonstone        Color Change Fluorite  Tanzanite          Peridot               Black Opal

Morganite         Sphene               Fire Agate

Topaz                Kyanite               Boulder Opal

Heliodor            Ammolite           Hydrogrossular 

Aquamarine      Diopside            Green Beryl

Danburite          Moldavite           Tremolite

Amethyst           Rose Quartz       Titanite

Citrine                Prasiolite            Smokey Quartz

Ametrine            Kunzite               Grandidierite

Quartz                Blue Topaz        Champagne Topaz